Make Sure Every Contract is Fulfilled

Buy surety bonds in Odessa, Texas

Want to cover your bases when you’re working with a contractor? Hignojos Insurance Agency can take care of that. Surety bonds act as insurance policy when you’re depending on a contractor to complete the work agreed upon.

Discuss your bonding needs with one of our team members. Our insurance agents will walk you through your available options and help you choose the right type of bond for your needs. Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll shop around to get you the best quote.

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We can handle all of your bonding needs in Odessa, TX

We can handle all of your bonding needs in Odessa, TX

Hignojos Insurance Agency can help you find surety bonds that are guaranteed to suit your budget. Our insurance agents will point you toward the right bond type for your needs. We’ll help you choose from:

  • Bid bonds: These bonds make sure the bidder on a contractor will enter into the contract and make the proper payment if awarded the contract.
  • Payment bonds: Payment bonds guarantee that subcontractors and suppliers are paid for work they perform under a contract.
  • Performance bonds: Buying a performance bond will ensure that a contract is completed in accordance with its terms and conditions.
  • Ancillary bonds: These bonds are meant to guarantee that all requirements that are integral to a contract, but aren’t performance related, are met.

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